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We place teachers in schools all over Asia.

Teaching in Cambodia is truly an experience like no other! It’s a great opportunity to discover a new culture and lifestyle, while also giving you the ability to discover yourself. Many people who desire to teach English in Asia do not consider everything that the opportunity provides, such as the impact you will have on your students, the friends you will meet or the sights that you will see…

The Students

Over all, Cambodian students are lovely to teach. In Asia cultures teachers are given the utmost respect, so students are often incredibly polite and respectful to teachers. Moreover, many are extremely motivated to learn as they understand the importance of learning English to secure a spot in the global economy. Students can be shy around foreigners, but after they feel a bit more comfortable around the teacher they will ask questions about grammar, pronunciation and culture, and they love to have a good laugh, so games and jokes always go over well.

The Teachers

English teachers in Asia come from all over the world, with a large majority hailing from Australia, New Zealand, England and North America. Quite a few teachers in Asia have fallen in love with their country and have decided to stay there for the long haul, so at most schools it is easy to find veteran colleagues who can give pointers on living in the country, cultural differences and tips on teaching students of a given country.


Yes, you will meet many teachers from all over the world. It is easy to develop new friendships with teachers from Canada, the United States, England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.
Yes, it is. If you decide to take on this adventure alone, as many do, you will quickly find that there are will be numerous social opportunities. There will be a lot of people with similar interests as you, since you share the attributes of enjoying travel, being independent, and taking on adventure. Before long, you will develop a new circle of friends. I encourage you to get to know some locals in addition to getting to know other foreigners. Get to know people who have a totally different life experience. You will learn a lot.
Cambodian food is delicious! Whether you are a meat lover or vegetarian, Cambodia has what you are looking for.
Local means of public transportation within the city include the cycle rickshaw, known in Khmer as “cyclo”; the motorcycle taxi known in Khmer as “moto”; the auto rickshaw known locally as “tuk-tuk”; the trailer attached to a motorcycle taxi known in Khmer as “remorque”; and the standard automobile taxicab known in Khmer as “taxi”. Private forms of transportation include bicycles, motorbikes and automobiles.
There are internet cafes in Cambodia which typically charge $1.50 an hour. You will have high-speed fiber optic WIFI in the teacher’s accommodations.
We recommend using an online telephone service to call home such as Skype. They are often free and easy to use.
Yes! Keep in mind that teaching (especially teaching English) is a highly respected profession in Cambodia. Cambodians are very kind and friendly and will go out of their way to make you feel at home. They love meeting foreigners and often when you are walking down the street, many will stop and say hi.
Cell phones are very popular and cheap in Cambodia and you will want to get one. We recommend the service of Mobitel.
We will try our best to meet all your requirements. Please keep in mind there may not be immediate openings in the city of your choice. If you have a certain city in mind, make sure to let us know, and we will do our best to place you in that area.